About Me

Dianna is a working professional, turned mother, turned PTO President, turned paid writer (if you count one 50 dollar check from the Washington Post), turned business owner. She is returning to her blog after a hiatus of sorts. What that means is her boys started to read what she was writing and got very angry. To calm the waters, she left their many stories to wilt on the vine that is the extended umbilical cord we give our children until they reach the ripe old age of about 13. They are now much too busy to care, think, wonder, worry or read about what their mother is doing. For that reason, and no other; I will share my thoughts as they occur.

Please feel free to comment or just let her know you visited so she doesn’t feel as though she’s talking to herself (whichshe does routinely)  If you have a thought or a comment that you cannot share on the blog or would like to know more about whatever the heck it is she’s just posted; feel free to email her at dlflett@msn.com. Please consider sharing this site with your friends.

Dianna thinks it is pretty weird that writers use the third person to talk about themselves (like someone else is typing this) but heck-whatever it takes you know?

The parenting tips are just things picked up along the way.  She hopes you enjoy your visit.


13 responses to “About Me

  1. Just happened upon your site. Really enjoyed reading your posts. Look forward to reading more.

  2. D,
    I am a little confused, you do not need a google account to reach me. Just leave a note on my blog passionsandsoapboxes.com it’s a wordpress blog. I never use my google account. Always glad to hear from you, your pre-approved. lol

  3. D.
    Do you have any movie suggestions for my movienosh.com site. I just started it and do not have a large database yet. I am asking mom’s around wordpress to say what movies they would find helpful or if they had any embarrassing movie experiences with their kids, what movie were they watching. I am really hoping to expand this site so it can help parents. You can leave a comment on the “about movie nosh page” or email me at robinsinsider@gmail.com
    All help is appreciated, Thanks

  4. I hope you don’t mind but I have added a link to you site on my blog. I think it has worth and I wanted to share it

  5. Thanks 53–I love hearing success stories…they give me hope that I’m going to make it!

  6. Having raised 3 girls and 1 boy of my own I truly appreciate your sense of humor. Keep seeing the fun in life it will get you through.

  7. Thanks Lisa–so kind of you to say. Blessings to you as well!

  8. Love your website…your stories. God Bless you and your family.

  9. Hi Lisa–thanks for the note and glad you’re enjoying the blog. Your’s looks great although you are obviously way beyond me as far as the writing skills. I’m enjoying things though…I did have something published recently in The Washington Post. Almost didn’t cash the 50 dollar check but heck–I’ve gotta feed the boys … 🙂
    Have a brilliant day!

  10. Sounds like we have a lot in common as career professionals turned full-time mothers plus writers, and let’s not forget bloggers. Best of luck on your journey through all of the above!

    I love the parenting tips along with the wit and humor expressed in your blog posts.

  11. You’re too kind. We’ll see. I’d love to do a book just because you can’t make this stuff up. I’ll keep you posted :)….

  12. Great! What a talent in so many areas. When’s the book coming out?!
    Fromer comrade in arms and current friend

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