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I will try to do better

I’m disappointed in myself today.

Yesterday I was up at Bethesda with Benjamin. We went to have lunch at the Cheesecake Factory as a treat. I put money in the meter, we went inside and had a lovely lunch. After we pulled away and were heading home Ben said to me:

“I’m sad we didn’t give that man who was homeless any money.”

“What man?” I asked.

“The man, who was there at the meter.”

“Oh,” I said, “I didn’t see him.”

But then it struck me. I HAD seen him. I had seen a man sitting on a pile of stuff but didn’t take the time to really look at him and see him as a real someone; someone in need. I think I did realize he was homeless but I didn’t process it properly and realize I could do something.

I don’t know why, since I’m usually quite attuned to that sort of thing. Maybe it was because of the doctor’s appointment I’d had with my son, or because I’d scraped the car in the parking garage on the way out of the hospital, or because I have been so tired given all the running around or

…..really…WHO CARES WHY…I DIDN’T LOOK AT HIM and I didn’t SEE him.

But my son did.

I think that makes me feel worse in some ways. He saw a man who needed us and his mom didn’t do anything to help him.

I hope today that if I see someone in need I really do SEE him or her and don’t just think about myself.

Thank you son, for opening my eyes and reminding me to look and to see and to realize it is not just about me.

Today I will try to do better.


For the Teachers

I wrote this for some boards I visit.  Thought I’d share at the holidays for you to share as you care too.  My work is copywrited but if you think this will make your teacher smile, please share and enjoy!


Removing Doubt 

The spirit was ready for the birthday ahead;
But something was nagging, “Someone’s working” he said.

But how could that be, it was late Christmas Eve;
was there someone below him who didn’t believe?

He looked to the snow, when the glow came to reach her;
it lit up the worry, an overworked teacher.

“Dear teacher”, he whispered, (she thought she was dreaming).
“It’s me” he said calmly, “Are you no longer believing?”

She smiled a bit, “I was thinking of you,”
“Got a moment to chat?” “For a teacher I do.”

“I worry” she said, “that as hard as I teach them”
“So many to help, are you sure that I reach them?”

“Dear teacher,” he smiled “If you only knew”
“Yes you reach them” he whispered, “I’ve made sure you do.”

“With your lessons of history, world wonders and joy”
“You open the minds of each girl and boy”.

“But how do I know…how can I be sure
Sometimes the doubt’s just too hard to endure.”

He continued and told her “ bear no doubt on your sleeve;
As you’ve already said-and I know-you believe.”

“Trust me “ said God; “long before you were here
my children were searching” then he wiped off a tear.

“They needed the selflesness, talent, the caring
They needed the heart you so freely are sharing”.

“The prayed every night for the lessons they missed
One Christmas I answered, a teacher, their gift.”

So go home to your family, your presents and mirth
Know teacher your work is the purest on earth.”

Merry Christmas!






Parenting Tip of the Day:

Establishing traditions is such a cool thing to do  this time of the year.  Think about wihch ones you have and let your children know what they are.  We always do a big countdown the first time we plug in the lights we’ve hung on the house.  It’s goofy but we’ve been doing it for years and so now it is a “Flett Family Tradition”.