Apple Season

I always smile when other moms tell me their children are in the “gifted” program.  Not in a mean way.  We’re all proud of our children and life is all about setting and achieving goals.  I’ve set some goals for my boys too:

Goal #1:  Please stop eating your boogers.  It’s gross.

Goal #2:  Please put the seat up when you pee and down when you’re done.  Up…Down…Up…Down…

Goal #3:  Please don’t choke your brothers.

Goal #4:  When choking your brothers please mind the glassware in the house.  It breaks.

Goal #5:  When I have to leave on business; please have everything that was alive in the house when I leave, alive in the house when I return.  That includes fish, parrots, humans, dogs and my plants and flowers.  I know it calls for upkeep but it is my goal for you.

I was pleased recently when Benjamin, on the way from one football field to another, told his daddy about one of his goals.

Dad to Benjamin, “Did you eat the apple you brought?”

Benjamin to dad, “Yup”.

Dad: “Okay Ben, pass the core up to me and I’ll put it in the garbage bag up here.”

Benjamin:  “I can’t.”

Dad: “You can’t, why not?”

Benjamin: “I ate it”.

Dad: “You ate it?”

Benjamin: “Yup”.

Dad: “You ate the seeds?”.

Benjamin: “Yup.”

Dad:  “You ate the inside pieces?”.

Benjamin: “Yup”.

Dad: “You ate the little brown bottom and the stem?”.

Benjamin: “There wasn’t a stem but if there was I’d have eaten it.”

Dad:  “Why?”

Benjamin: “I try to eat one whole apple every year; been doing it since kindergarten.”

Dad:  “So now you’re good for fourth grade right?”

Benjamin:  “Yup”.

Gifted?  Probably not; but in this mom’s mind it is one step closer to setting a goal and achieving it. 

Maybe next I can get them to put the seat down.


Parenting Tip of the Day:  All my boys have different eating habits.  I don’t know why or how it happens.  Some of them eat salads and veggies and some of them cannot stand the idea of anything green.  I work on it slowly and now one of them has started eating tomatoes.  As long as I’m getting them a spread of vitamins, I’ve had to ease up on it a bit.  The dinner table is together time for us; not a time for fussing and tears.  That’s the homework table.



10 responses to “Apple Season

  1. I can always count on you to emphasize the important life skills. My goals for the children are pretty simple – I just want them to be happy, healthy, independent adults.

  2. Maybe they think since the boogers come from somewhere near the brain it is considered brain food. I don’t get it either. As for the eating habits I don’t know what I did to Tooters but she loves to eat healthy. Don’t get me wrong we both have our days that we love to pig out on junk food but over all she is in love with fruit and veggies. If there is fruit on the counter then all candy is forgotten. My boss says I broke her and she is not normal lol.

  3. Even the gifted kids eat their own boogers 😀

  4. Thanks tons Mary–welcome and glad to have you!

  5. Well that was very nice sis–thank you…nice to share the stories we don’t always get to discuss.

  6. So glad to have something to read that I know will make me smile… Love the blog… love the subject and boy oh boy do I love my nephews! What a great source of material you have living under your roof!

    Thanks for this… it went great with my cup of coffee!

  7. Sounds like your kids have a very wholesome environment! I enjoyed reading your post and will be back to read more. Thanks for sharing!

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