There’s a Booger on my Lampshade

There’s a booger on my lampshade;

 a bunch sticking near my bed.

I’ve got quite a good collection

by the pillow near my head.

I don’t want my mom to find them

‘cause she fusses all the time;

about my picking and my digging

“It’s like you worked inside a mine”.

Sometimes I like to flick them;

they go clear across the room,

but I have to do it quickly cause

my mom could walk in soon.

“Don’t do that” she will holler;

first she’ll gag and then she’ll wretch.

Then she’ll rub my nose clean off

with some stupid, pink Kleenex.

I just can’t seem to help it,

there’s some in there I can tell.

 I love to clean them out but,

“No tissues near…oh well.”

There’ll be boogers on my lampshade;

and some tucked beside the couch.

A few flicked on the doggies;

maybe one inside my mouth.

But what’s a kid to do,

it brings me so much joy;

I simply must continue digging

after all, I am a boy!


8 responses to “There’s a Booger on my Lampshade

  1. That is hilarious!! Tooters flicked one the other day just as I came around the corner and it almost hit me. She is very thankful that it didn’t and knows she is lucky lol.

  2. I’ve been WAITING for this one – title of your first book, right? hilarious!

  3. Oh well he is a boy after all and it comes with the territory, so to speak.

  4. Hillarious.
    I am tagging you. Play along if you can find the time now that you are working.

  5. Shirley Ortlieb

    Ugh and then to have to acknowledge that it is so true

  6. That is just too perfect! I only had one of those boys, can’t imagine dealing with more than one. The attraction must be universal, even my nephew was a digger, too.

  7. Ha–it is also so true!!!! Thanks for hanging with me Kathy–I’m sporadic now that I’m working. Just so much time and so much creative energy to be had. But I love capturing this stuff…

  8. LOL! Now *that* was funny!

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