“What’s Wrong With Mom?”

Sunday Afternoon (The scene):

      Four boys sitting on one couch looking down and playing their new DS games they purchased earlier in the day.

     Husband of four boys sitting in “his chair” (why do men have “a chair” anyway); looking down at his laptop.

     Mom walks in, sits down and literally as her butt touches the cushion:


Brother #1 (not looking up):

    “What’s for dinner mom?”


     “Flank steak and roasted red potatoes.”

Brother #2 to Brother #1 (not looking up):

     “What did she say?”

Brother #1 to Brother #2:

     “Meat and potatoes.”

Brother #4 to Mom.

     “What kind of potatoes?”


     “Roasted red potatoes.”

Brother #4 to Mom:

    “Do I like those?”



Brother #2 to Brother #4:

    “What’d she say.”

Brother #4 to Brother #2:

    “Potatoes I like.”

Brother #2 to Mom:

    “Do I like those kind too Mom?”

Mom to Brother #2:

     “Yes, you like those kind.”

Brother #1 to Mom:

     “They’re not the kind I like are they mom?”

Mom to Brother #1:

     “I’m not sure you do like those kind Jake.”

Brother #1:

     “Oh Man.” (In that long drawn out “maaaaaaaaaaan” sort of way.)

Brother #3 to Brother #1 (without looking up)

    “What’s wrong?”

Brother #1 to Brother #3:

     “Mom’s making the kind of potatoes I don’t like for dinner.”

Brother #3 to Mom:

    “Do I like them mom.”

Mom (a little louder):

    “I DON’T KNOW IF YOU LIKE THEM BEN.  But those are the kind I’m making.”

Brother #4 to Mom:

    “Can’t you make French fries?”

Mom to Brother #4:

     “Yes, I COULD make French Fries, BUT I’m making roasted red potatoes!”

Brother #1 to Brother #4:


Brother #4 to Brother #1:

     “She won’t make us French Fries.”

Brother #1:

     “Oh man!”

Brother #2 to Mom (not looking up):

    “Can we have peaches?”

Mom to Brother #2:

    “Yes, if there are peaches you can have peaches.”

Brother #4 to Mom:

   “But I don’t like peaches.”

Mom to Brother #4:

    “Then you don’t have to HAVE peaches.”

Brother #3 to Mom:

    “Can’t we have mandarin oranges.”

Mom to Brother #3:

     “I DON’T CARE if you have mandarin oranges instead of peaches; it’s up to you.”

Brother #1 to Mom:

    “How about salad.  Are we having salad?”


Husband to Mom:

    “Where you going?”

Mom to husband:

    “I’m going to watch TV in my room.”

Husband to Mom:

    “What’s for dinner?”

Mom to husband (Who is STILL looking down):

     “You’re kidding me, right?”

Brother #3 to Dad:

    “What’s wrong with Mom?”

Dad to Brother #3:

     “She’s a little edgy today.”

Brother #1 (without looking up):

     “What’d he say?”

Parenting Tip of the Day:

When they were little I started serving the boys spinach with ranch dressing.  It was “dark green lettuce” I told them.  Now they are very happy to “eat their spinach”.  (All except #4 who won’t eat ANYTHING other than meat and potatoes.)


13 responses to ““What’s Wrong With Mom?”

  1. I don’t envy you, my friend…to be outnumbered 5 to 1 every day. I have a difficult time with just one male in the household. But I work with many, many male engineers…not too different from your 4 boys! LOL!

    • Oy
      Sharon…I wish they were engineers..then at least their educational aspect of things would be well in hand. Thanks tons for posting!

  2. Sometimes they just don’t have a clue as to whats going on. You can understand the kids but what’s his excuse. That still makes me mad. The kids are grown but he still checks out once in a while.

  3. Isn’t mom always on “edge”? I can totally relate! Yep, I’m on edge and it is all your fault.

  4. Too funny, and I can totally hear Steve’s voice in there…you are sooo outnumbered!

  5. Don’t you just love days like that? This past week my house has sounded like that. Usually it is just Tooters, me and the wonder pup but my cousin and her boyfriend have been here for over a week. Then my friend and her daughter got kicked out of her house by her roommate and they have been there for 2 nights. So my house is extra insane and I feel for you. Do you want to trade I will take them all for you to take a break and then I will send mine to you lol.

    My Tooters I broke her very young, she eats anything and everything except for onions. She prefers veggies and fruit to candy and tells me she is being healthy.

  6. thanks. hope it helps! the kids drove us to designing it!

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