Christmas Somehows

There was so much excitement. 

From the first eyes that popped open at 0315 this morning, to the last little heads hitting the pillow at 8:43 in the evening; everything was flying.  Christmas wishes, Christmas I love yous, Christmas paper and Christmas joy.  What had taken at least 30 days to build up exploded at 6:55 in the morning.  Four little boys were allowed to burst down the stairs after being sent back to their rooms three different times throughout the night, two different boys each time creeping into mom and dad, asking “Can we go down now?”.  After patiently waiting for the camera to be ready, the lights to be plugged in, Grandpa to be awakened and mom and dad to get positioned. Finally, after all of that, Santa was allowed to fill the house with cheers and laughter and joy. 

There were trucks, cars, Game boy games, new pajamas; boys sharing, laughing, fighting, tugging, and screaming. ‘There were toys that needed one more battery than was found and toys that needed boy power when the boys power was long exhausted. Somehow there was dinner.  A dinner at the table with little boys using crystal glasses, charger plates and cloth napkins. Somehow little boys forgot about presents for just a moment and gave prayers of thanks and prayers of peace and toasts to dad and mom.

Somehow food was served and eaten and boys practiced putting their hands on their laps, eating without elbows on the table, holding chairs for ladies, and complimenting the hostess for a delicious dinner (even though the salad really was spinach and there were vegetables that required their attention).  Somehow little boys managed to settle down and have “quiet time”, hear that there would be no “treats” that night after a day of consuming Christmas cookies and candies and sodas, sweets much beyond their standard limits and way beyond their capabilities to digest. 

Somehow four little boys were carried to bed, some broken down with tears of exhaustion, excitement, and joy; trying to comprehend that after all those weeks of waiting somehow the day had slipped through their fingers. Somehow above the words of thanks being murmured on their lips, somehow, for just a moment, there was peace on earth, a moment of grace; where parents knew for sure that in the world there were at least four boys that were as happy as they would ever be in their lives.

Merry Christmas and Good Night.



3 responses to “Christmas Somehows

  1. Sam walked in and said “mom, only 11 months 24 more days till Christmas”. His math was wrong but I still broke a sweat! Glad you holiday was fun!

  2. They will always look back and treasure the time, they may not remember the toys but they will remember the days. Besides with all the commotion it sounded like my house but all the noise caused by 3 dogs, a daughter, a brother, and guests coming and going. Of course the whole time me by myself in the kitchen cooking up a store and cursing the ppl walking by and not offering help. But in the end it was a great Christmas and cannot wait to do it all over again next year.

  3. that’s awesome. they will remember days like this for the rest of their lives.

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