Thank You PTO!

                               Throwing this out to all my PTO girlfriends:


 T’was the night before Christmas and Santa looked down
At all the good people and searched till he found;
the ones that give freely of their time and their hearts
he wanted to thank them but how could he start?

So many hours, they worked without fuss
They worked for the children; they all gave so much.
What could he do to show them their worth
The difference they made with their volunteer work.

“I know” Santa said, “I’ll open their eyes”
“They’ll see clearly the impact they have on small lives.”
“They’ll see smiles on faces that their work puts there;
They’ll see kindness in children taught the lesson to care.”

“They’ll hear laughter from families that share in their days
They’ll get hugs that without them would just go away.”
“And at night when they rest, they’ll sleep soundly and know
Their volunteer hearts keep the children aglow.”

Merry Christmas and thank you for making a difference.

Parenting Tip of the Day:
Middle school changes everything.  The time to get involved in your child’s school is during elementary school.  You’ll be amazed at the difference you can make.


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