My Spidey Sense

Warning: Some strong language so play when you’re in a safe zone.

I can’t help it–this is too funny….They should do this test with moms.  We would definitely “rock the web”.

Thanks Becky!


4 responses to “My Spidey Sense

  1. Hey Mandy–thanks for the note..I’m glad you liked it. All credit to my friend Becky–but it cracked me up too!!

  2. Hi Dianna,
    I surf on fairly regularly via friend and fellow Marine Anne’s blog link (we’re Tokyo buddies) and always enjoy your posts (and your writing style – keep working on getting published!) But today’s video absolutely took the cake. Thanks for a much needed belly laugh. -Mandy

  3. okay so coffee coming out of your nose @ 9:30 isn’t good no matter how you look at it!!!

    Too funny!!!

  4. That is hilarious. I am definetly the caffiene spider since I have such long days. Only problem is sometimes at the end of the day when I crash there are holes in my memory lol. Great post.

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