Halloween Treat

We went to a friend’s Halloween Party last Saturday night.  It’s a great time for the children and as the years have progressed, so have the games in the sense of “scary sophistication”.  This is the second year the event ended with a haunted walk.  I’d left about 30 minutes before the haunted walk for a “chick chat” event with some friends.  When I reunited with my husband at home, he relayed all the gory details as he was laying on the couch watching the Red Sox Game (please sing a little angel sound in your head after you say Red Sox  in order to appease the baseball gods).  The oldest son made it through the haunted walk fine, he said, but the ten year old, Sam, was just miserable.  Steve said he could hear Sammy screaming the minute Sam’s foot hit the trail.

ANYWAY, about an hour later I went to bed while my husband watched the game.  I woke up at 4:30 am and realized Steve wasn’t in the bed with me.  (I made that “patting the place next to you” motion we do when we realize it is way too flat.)  Now maybe for some folks having their husband sleep on the couch is the norm but my husband NEVER sleeps anywhere in the house but in our big ole, king sized, overstuffed bed.  I thought perhaps he’d fallen asleep downstairs (not really but had to check anyway).  As I walked downstairs I then reviewed a conversation we’d had with some friends at the Halloween party.

We were discussing a couple we knew having marital problems and I was flippant in how I prioritized my own 20+ year relationship.  It was nothing derogatory but WAY more nonchalant than I actually feel.  I thought how I hadn’t spent any time at the party really talking with my husband and instead chose to chat with friends.  That’s not us.  We like each other a lot, and spend a lot of time just with each other.  As I reached the couch to see if Steve had fallen asleep, I was now concerned that perhaps I’d angered him with my attitude and proceeded to have an “uh oh” moment.
Steve wasn’t on the couch.  I went to check the guest room, ensuring first that his car was in the driveway—okay I was overreacting a bit.  As I got to the guest room stairs I looked up and saw Sam’s bedroom door  open.  Upstairs I found my 6 foot 4 inch, 200+ pound husband asleep in Sam’s itty bitty bed.  His legs were hanging off the side of the bed and Sammy’s body was molded around his dad’s torso. 

“Steve, honey it’s 4:30 in the morning”, I said while gently rubbing his arm.

Steve’s eyes opened immediately and he said quietly “Shhhhh, Sammy’s scared.”

“Hon, your back is going to kill you tomorrow.” I said back.

“I’ll be fine” he answered.

I went back to our bed shaking from the rush of emotion and love I felt for that man.  Just so everyone reading this knows I wouldn’t trade my man for anyone else in the world.  Any woman that ever tried to take him from me would have the fight of her life on her hands.  I pray you feel the same about your man and when you have a chance you shout it from the rooftops.  There’s nothing wrong with telling the world how lucky you are!

Parenting Tip of the Day:  One of the greatest gifts you can give your children is an example of what a positive relationship should be by living that relationship with your significant other.  That doesn’t mean getting along all the time, but it does mean treating one another with respect and dignity.  If you make sure they see the standard for your relationship, it will become the standard for their relationships.


6 responses to “Halloween Treat

  1. You’ve made me smile again Sunny. You know it isn’t just marriage relationships but ones with parents, and men you may date at some point. She (girls especially) need to understand how they should be treated by men and boys need to understand how to treat their relationships. Of course sometimes he drives me nuts, but I suspect he’ll have a tiara on at somepoint–I just hope it’s after the boys have their own little girls :).

  2. That is so sweet. I am an only parent so I get to sleep with Tooters only she sneaks in after midnight actually I should say sleep walks in. I have a queen bed and I almost never realize she is there until morning. It is amazing what daddy’s do for their kids. I don’t know where Tooters’ dad is so my dad has to step in. Boy does he ever. The other day he took her to the grocery store and they wore matching tiara’s whiling shopping it was adorable.
    Hang on to that man he sounds like a keeper!!!!

  3. Sometimes I feel lucky when the boys have a bad dream…:). Of course now I listen to them doze off and I lay there wide awake until it’s time to get them up. Thanks for the note Kaye.

  4. Very nice. Brings back many fond memories. My youngest is 13 and just last week the door of my bedroom banged open at 5:00 am and a loud voice said, “mommy! I had a bad dream!” After my heart stopped pounding I said, “get in!” and she got in and snuggled up and went back to sleep. 🙂

  5. HA…remember the poison ivy? We’d do more itchin’ than twitchin’. I know you work hard in your situation to respect their dad and present him to the children in a positive light. That takes a lot of honor and I appreciate that you do that for them. It gives them the right lessons on relationships even with all you’ve been through!

  6. Very sweet, love. Brings tears to my eyes, and I have witnessed how much you guys love each other. You go girl – and oh, you don’t need to blog on Steve’s “reward”, ok? Love you!

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