Dear God

Just a quick note to tell you it looks like my mom will be there pretty soon.  You’ll recognize her.  She’ll be the one in the high heels, wearing an apron over her Sunday dress.  If you wouldn’t mind getting  a couple of things together for her; we’d really appreciate it.

She’ll need a kitchen.  It doesn’t need to be anything fancy.  Just a stove and an oven and maybe some cast iron skillets.  Please make sure there are some pinto beans in the pantry and the fixings for corn bread, and biscuits.  I’m sure Daddy can’t wait to taste those again.  She’ll be frying chicken too, so maybe some Crisco and buttermilk.  If a few angels happen to stop by unexpectedly, don’t worry.  There’s always enough for one or two more folks to join us at dinner.

It would be terrific if you could have a front porch with a couple of rockers out.  She sure does love the morning, sitting and rocking with a good, hot, cup of coffee.  You won’t need to give her any vegetables if you have a garden area for her.  She’s really good at growing things and her tomatoes; well let’s just say you won’t be going to the Farmer’s Market anymore.  Oh, and her flowers; her roses smell prettier than any I’ve smelled in the world.  She’ll cut you some, I’m sure, and wrap up the bottom in wet paper towels, and tin foil so they won’t wilt on the way home.

She’d love a window too if you don’t mind; one that looks out on the Blue Ridge Mountains.  She loves her memories of those mountains, and I so appreciate you letting her keep them right up to the end. 

Please tell her not to worry about us down here.  She’s given us everything we need to be happy and healthy.   She’s a strong woman and she has taught us how to be strong for our children; no matter what hardships befall our families.

So I don’t know exactly when it will be, but I know it will be soon.  Thanks for taking her slowly.  It’s been a lot easier to see her move there piece by piece, but we all realize it’s time for her to come back to the whole she once was.  It feels kind of nice to know she’ll be up there healthy, doing the things she loves with the people she loves.  I promise God, heaven will be a little bit better because she’s there. 


The loving family of Janice Austin.

ps: Please tell her to let the phone ring once when she gets there.  We just want to know she made it home safe. 

Parenting Tip for the Day:  Teach your children to respect the oldest in your family.  Someday that family member they are respecting will be you.


5 responses to “Dear God

  1. Hey Jerri–so sorry about Dick’s mom. I will be in touch..I agree-mix of emotions all around. We never know what to expect with mom–so no sure thing. Maybe we’ll get to 91 too!
    love you guys

  2. D-
    Hi Cuz!! I am thrilled that you have started publishing your work…I love it! This was a very moving tribute to Aunt Janice, and timely too. Dick just lost his mom 2 weeks ago, and we are still dealing with a mix of emotions. It’s never easy, even after a rich life of 91 years. Keep us posted on how she’s doing. Take care. Love to Steve and the boys, and BRAVO to you, girl!!

  3. Well said sis….. well said.

  4. It’s time. Just didn’t want to say something after the fact you know?

  5. Sorry, I just posted this one under the wrong posting..

    Hey Sweetie – what a lovely tribute to your mom – I started crying at the opening line. So hard to see our role models go to Heaven, but you are right – much better place for her, and her work here is complete! Love you, A

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