Babies–Can I get a little help here?

A few things happened as we became a “civilized” society.  One of those things was that we started moving away from one another and in a way that really screwed up a woman’s support system when she was having babies.  I’m referring to the days when women lived together with generations of their families, grandmothers, aunts, sisters.  Sometimes everyone would be crammed into the same house.  I am DEFINITELY not advocating that but I have to say that we sure did lose a lot of support that women used to have when they were new moms.  I’m coming up  with a list of tips and tricks for those last few weeks of your pregnancy and the first few weeks and months of your baby’s life.  No rocket science here, there are just things that work that I’ve tried to pass along to new mom’s so we can maybe close the gap of not having our “mommy mentors” around on a routine basis.  There are so many practical things that we don’t get the benefit of hearing from our moms and grandmoms because: a) we’ve convinced ourselves that asking is showing weakness b) we don’t know what we don’t know.  I remember the first time a mom was frantic about how hard it was to cut her baby’s nails with his little hands moving all over the place and how it would cause the baby to SCREAM when she restricted his hands.  I told her to cut the baby’s nails while the baby was sleeping.  “What?” she said, like I’d just hit her with a light bulb.  But that’s the kind of stuff we just don’t get passed down.  So if you know someone who is on their first visit to the delivery room soon; or maybe their second visit (which trust me–a second baby isn’t just twice the work…for some reason the increased effort to keep two of those little critters satisfied is mathmatically raised to the power of 20…we’re talking HUGE), zap me an email at   Maybe we can hook them up with a couple of tidbits that’ll help them.  Similarly–if you tried something that in retrospect was ABSOLUTELY BRILLIANT, send that to me and I’ll include your info to “help a girl out”.  Of course all the legal mumbo jumbo comes into effect so if someone, ANYONE actually wants to publish something like this for me–I get to keep your idea… 🙂

Okay–till next time–

Parent like you know what you’re doing!!!



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